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OwnTube is your personal video portal based on Django

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OwnTube is your personal video portal based on Django. It serves your files via projekktor and audio.js, servers original files using Bittorrent and gives you feeds for everything. You can use Miro to get new casts automatically.



The status could be desciped as early beta. It is feature complete but not yet tested in a real world scenario and the code isn't that elegant as it could be. The first Beta instance can be found here


I would recommend to use virtualenv to make a runtime enviroment for the django site package. Also you would need a (TODO: Make a generator for this) and you should install all dependencies as in dependencies.txt most of them should be available in pip. Also you need to install the transloadit Python "API" which you can find here


Not available but if you have any issues use the issue tracker of github or contact


Yes, please!